Floppy Disk Emulator for Atari Xe Xl St

The SDiskEmul manufacturng will begin in september.
To order now : atariamiga@free.fr.
The cost is 60 euros, carriage and joystick not included.


This circuit should emulate a floppy disk for an Atari Xe, Xl, Stf, Ste.
The floppy image files are stored on a SDCARD.


Before the publication of more technical informations, a few vids :


Prototype #1

PCB #2
- PIC18FXXXX @ 40Mhz,
- 1 RS 232,
- 1 SSP SDCard
- I/O.

SD Card structure

SD Cards must be formatted in FAT 32 (cluster 4 ko standard = 8 sectos, 512 bytes/sector).
Filenames should be 8 + 3 characters.
Only first primary partition is read.

Floppy Image files

For the XE - XL computers, ATR files are used. For the ST family, ST or MSA files can be used.
Why two floppy connectors ?
The first is connected to the Atari.
The second allows to connect a second floppy : PC interface.
This second floppy is managed by the SDiskEmul. Two modes are possible :
1 : SDiskEmul disk A and floppy disk B.
2 : SDiskEmul disk B and floppy disk A.


Video encrustation on the Atari screen and control with joystick.

A button on the SdiskEmul allows to activate this menu.

SdiskEmul and 130Xe

SdiskEmul and 520 STf

New menu version


The schematics

Schematics v2.00.


PCB v2.00.